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USGC - Conversion Calculator


Easily convert grain measurements with the U.S. Grains Council Conversion Calculator App. The app accommodates multiple languages, commodities and measurement systems to help buyers and sellers be clear about grain value quickly and easily. Download it today.CHOOSE YOUR GRAIN
Select from corn, barley, sorghum, wheat or soybeans• Convert dry measurements, such as bushels to tons; yield measurements, such as bushels per acre to metric tons per acre; and liquid measurements, such as corn bushels to ethanol liters• Calculate the change from price per bushel to price per metric ton• Calculate how kilograms per hectare translates into bushels per acre
• Distance: convert miles to kilometers and kilometers to miles, or meters to yards to feet and feet to yards to meters• Area: convert acres to hectares and hectares to acres
• Determine how many short tons equal metric tons and how many metric tons equal short tons• Calculate metric tons or short tons equivalent in pounds• Convert pounds per bushel to kilograms per hectoliter
Enter the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit and have it converted to degrees Celsius or vice versa
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Convert quickly. Understand easily.Developing Markets. Enabling Trade. Improving Lives.